Montag, Februar 13, 2006

Don't sew if you are tired

Don't ask how I know :(

I just wanted to cut out my new onion anorak...


I did not place the front piece on the fold but subtle shaped back pattern piece.

Now I have a centre front seam and no shaping in the back.

Tomorrow I will start with my Danish lessons. How long will it take before I can really read ( not just read-guess-sew ) the instructions of my ever growing stash of Onion patterns?

1 Kommentar:

Lori hat gesagt…

You are brave for trying the Onion pattern but that is good! The patterns look great, and I would like to try them, but I don't know any Danish. My language lesson is with a French pattern magazine (Fait Main). I know some French but my husband is fluent, so he can help.

And you're not the only one who goofs up and doesn't place the front on a fold!