Samstag, Februar 11, 2006

Elfen und Zwiebeln

Yeah, I finished the trousers from the Vogue pattern BUT I haven't made the final version yet. Too many changes to the pattern are to be made, so I procastinate ( or how that is ever written..)
But I'm not lazy ( o.k. I'm a slow sewer ;) but that is another story to be told ) and working on an elven coat/cloak which needs about 10 Meter of fabric and then I'm finishing a jacket, that I inherited :) Heeritage-sewing in another dimension.

AND there are great news beyond sewing.
My mamogramm and my sonogram were without results. Another 6 months without my cancer coming back... YEAH me

AND I changed the look of my blog. the pink was just too much :)

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madhatter hat gesagt…

shoooooow the pattern for your elven coat :)
i´m curious! 10 m sounds like a big deal... must be hell to handle while cutting :o