Sonntag, Februar 12, 2006

Even the slowest sewer...

... finishes something someday....
And I finished my 10meter elven coat yesterday evening. The robe gaps open but its just a costume ( although I already know, that I will regret not fixing it, when I'm on the next LARP...)

Now I have nothing to do... GRIN... no. I'm starting tracing my Onion 1016, that is the infamous pullover-jacket. I have tons of fabric from malden mills here, that I send myself while beeing in the US. Its all from a "remnant" bag. gosh, that was a ton of fabric or so :)

Happy sunday!

We are invited to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake with on of DHs former classmates. She turned into a "mummy-monster" after having "Baby". Baby is around 3 now and is still called that way... I'm really not looking forward to that date :(

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