Mittwoch, Februar 22, 2006

Onion 1016 sewing course with pictures :)

O.k. I know that some people are intimidated ( or however this is written, English is still not my first language but my second. Third would be French. I started with Swedish and now I'm into learning Danish.... AM I A NERD OR WHAT ??? ) by the Danish instructions, so I thought I'd make a sewing course.

Step one: Trace the pattern, but it out and place it on the fabric. Align with the grain and add seam allowance before cutting or:
Trace the pattern and before cutting the pattern out, add seam allowances directly to the pattern

2. Step: Take the lower part of the sleeve and pin it to the upper part of the sleeve. Due to the curve, that the pattern makes, it will also curve a little bit in fabric

Sew the seam and grade the seam allowances. The s.a. of the upper part should be shorter than the one of the lower sleeve part.

The next pictures where really bad, so I do my best to describe what to do.
Turn the s.a. of the lower part over the s.a. of the upper part, pin in place and topstitch from the right side.

Put the sleeves aside and take the hood. Threadtrace the stitching line at the "dart" which is not a dart but a funny way to place seams. Thread-trace also the stitchinglines on the top of the bodice back pattern pieces.

Sew the seam on the top of the hood ( do the same on the lining ) and press the s.a. apart. With the right side together sew lining & hood together along the outer edge ( that very loooong seam ), trim the s.a. and turn to the right side. Topstitch from the right side.

Sew the darts on the bodice front and press down. If you use very thick fleece, cut away the excess fabric of the dart and press open.

Take the hood. Place one side onto the bodice front piece. Align the sideseams. Pin in place, that the other side and pin to the other half of the front bodice piece. The hood overlaps at the center front ( see picture of the pattern! )

Sew this seam. Trim the s.a., if you use a fraying fabric for the lining, overcast the edges together ( maybe with a serger )

Sew the center back seam and press open.

now to the tricky part, the hood:

At the "dart": Clip into the fabric of the inner egde, close to the point.
Pin the upper "leg" to the back pieces, aligning the points ( of the hood & of the back piece ) I'll try to make a picture of a scrap.
Sew this seam.
Now you have attached the hood to the bodice but still have a gap-
At the point, where you have attached the hood. Clip into the bodice fabric close to the point.
Now pin the hood to the remaining part of the neckline. Sew this seam ( I really need to make a picture, if someone who reads this, need help )

Overcast the edges.

Pin the sleeve to the sleeve opening ( the sleeve is inserted flat ) and sew the armscye-seam.
Close the sideseams.

Sew the facings together & pin to the lower edge right sides togehter. Sew the "hem"seam, trim the s.a. and turn the facing up. Topstitch about 3-3,5 cm from the lower edge.

Sew the sleeve hems.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Vielen Danke! I am amazed at you ladies from Germany and Denmark and how well you master our language! I bet you don't even have and accent.

The illustrations are great and translation superb! Makes me want to drive the 80 miles (?Km) to buy the needed fabric! Keep up the good work.


Elizabeth Anne Easter hat gesagt…

I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to thank you. I just received this pattern, and only know English and German, so I was lost. Now I feel confident to jump into this project! Thanks again! :-) ~Lisa