Donnerstag, März 30, 2006

bake what you have

yeah, that use what you have stuff spreads over in this house ( uhm flat )
DHs had asked me to make a cake for his co-workers ( his birthday was in march and he seldom asks for something ), so I had said yes, of course....

unfortunately my work is sooooo stressfull at the moment, that I came home 5.30 and we had to leave for a gathering of all Denish/Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish and Islandic students at 6:40. So what to do?

grab a package of lemoncakemix & make it as supposed on the back of the package but
then you add ananas (canned), that you have cut into small pieces. This make the batter very thin, so add coconuts ( not the whole nut... ;) ) until the texture is like it was before adding the ananaspieces

Bake like stated on the back of the package but use a wide pan.
Let it cool.
Mix cream-cheese with coconutmilk until it is smooth & add some sugar.
Put that on top and call it "Pina colada"cake... Heikos colleagues liked it and they did not recognized the mix....

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