Donnerstag, März 02, 2006

Design challenge I

Hi folks ( or better Hi Katrin :) Hi Lori ),

I'm currently working on a design challenge entry.
The rules are simple:
- buy a specific fabric in any amount you like ( it was a white cotton satin, pretty thin stuff )
- use a new technique
- make something to wear!
- and your creation shall have something to do with Berlin ( not NH but capital of Germany)

I admit, my link to Berlin is a bit far fetched but I came up with it after googeling for pictures of Berlin....

I can't tell too much about my entry before Easter but I wanted to let you know, that I finished my muslin ( without sleeves ) today.

DH isn't sure if he likes it. Sure, he does not like a dress on me made out of old bedsheets badly dyed be me ( read = spots of colour all over the fabric ).

But he isn't sure about the design either but I'm running out of time and I think at least the design hides the small tummy I got due to weight gain.

Apropos weight gain. I got my last injection ( cancer therapy ) on monday, so just one more month of severe meno pause for me and then I can start loosing weight again! Yeah. There are about 6 kg I want to get rid of. Maybe I should go to Weight Watchers but I think, they might throw me out. My current weight is around 65 kg....

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madhatter hat gesagt…

just came home from m.a. about an hour ago and found your letter... maaaaaaaaaaaany thanks! that´s so nice :) plus i LOVE the postcard! *g*

still i did nothing for the challenge, it´s most likely that i con´t participate. i´d regret that, but... *sigh*

i´m curious how your entry turns out and what it will be :)