Sonntag, März 26, 2006

Use what you have

Great concept... I try to do this since I started sewing but somehow my stash got out of hand...

I'll try not to buy any fabric until april 30th excluding lining. I don't have much lining in my stash.

My next 5 projects will be:
1. My design challenge project. Only steps left ( been busy today sewing )sewing & attaching the sleeves. Hemming! BY HAND....

2. Dress for Dniece1. I dyed the remaining challenge fabric into a lovely lavendar colour and will make a dress for Katharina. Hopefully ready until april 9th ( my b-day party )

3. Jacket out of the ottobre woman. I have a stripey stretch fabric here, that will look cute with the pattern.

4. 50s suit. O.k. I'm going to need a cotton voile to underline it. I'll allow myself to buy that, when I start tracing the pattern. The pattern is a vintage vogue pattern and the fabric is a light blue wool fabric, aging in my stash for years

5. pillow out of the silk remnant, that I printed with stamps from blauweisschen. I already have cut that pillow out, so it might be project 2 instead of 5. ( Instand gratification )

I'll keep you updated of the progress, that I'm making :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

shooooooow me the pattern for the vintage suit! i´m curious by nature!
when you´ve finished with your "top 5" i can send you the mags we talked about. there are some lovely dresses inside, unfortunately not in all sizes, but you have to modify them anyway.
this pattern arrived last week, but i don´t have time to sew it until may or june. damn!
i wonder how your dc-dress turns out, i SO want to see the results!

Tini hat gesagt…

das ist der Schnitt...
Und die Hefte müssen dann noch ein bisschen länger warten, denn ich muss eigentlich noch ein paar Anzüge nähen ( oder zumindest die Hosen...)

gnarf, wie fügt man bitte einen link in den kommentar ein

madhatter hat gesagt…

joa, sowas ähnliches hab ich hier auch noch, aber ohne die knöpfe am rock.
wie sagt man so schön: GEILES TEIL! :)