Sonntag, März 05, 2006

We finished the darn blinds!

Hi folks,

did I mention that I stupidly offered a friend to help her sewing her blinds?
They moved into their house last year and I can't carry things due to the loss of my lymphknots.
So we started sewing last summer. She wanted to reuse her old blinds, so I had her ripp the blinds and save the fabric plus buying 3 meter of additional fabric.

I guess she got me a bit wrong and understood " Hey, I'm sewing your blinds" but my sewing time is already limited so it took us about 6 evenings/sundays to finish 4 blinds that I would otherwise have sewn at a weekend because my friend did not work at the blinds on her own ( except for yesterday, otherwise the blinds wouldn't be ready yet )

So in a looooong sewing day we finished them today! YEAHH

I'm taking a break from my design challenge model. I still have remnants from my onion anorak and I'm making a little dress/top for my niece out of it. DHs birthday is on tuesday and my niece will be here on saturday so, I'll better go sewing. Will show pictures later!


Lori hat gesagt…

Hooray for finishing the blinds! I have good intentions to sew drapes (curtains) for my house. Drapes and blinds seem like they should be easy to sew because they are just rectangles, but why are they not so easy? I think it's amount of fabric and all the hemming. Most of my drapes are not finished. Good of you to help your friend with those blinds.

madhatter hat gesagt…

i never sew such things, it bores me to death. loooooooooooooooong straight seams. just.... BORING!

you´ll get the "bundesverdienstkeks am bande" for doing this for your friend!

Tini hat gesagt…

We had to sew the ribbon, with which you get the blinds up every 30 cm or so.... STRAIGT ( or however this is written ) and we had to piece the fabric. Keep in mind, that we used all the OLD blinds! And my friend is sloooow....