Dienstag, April 11, 2006

The 45 Minute shirt ( use what you have )

o.k. I said, that I wouldn't sew a shirt for the Subway to Sally concert but I really had nothing to wear, so I decided to make a quick Jalie tank top out of this brownish jersey with the spiderweb-print ( or whatever that is, I guess it is a knitted pattern or they put something plushy into the paint...)
The fabric is from a remnant bag, that I got somewhere and was in my stash forever. I did not finish the hem or the armscyes because I ran out of time but I had something to wear to the concert.

(Un)fortunately I did not really like the shirt. That was so absolutly not me. So I'm going to sell it on ebay :) hope that someone will buy it for a Euro :)

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