Samstag, April 15, 2006

Another finished dress

UWYH-Project no. 2 is finished too :)
( See March 2006 ) IN TIME! I will give it to my niece on monday.

The pattern is a dress from a burda mag, the fabric is the remnant from the design challenge and the embellishments are:
- sheep, stamped with a wooden stamp by blauweisschen and the remnants of the fabric paint I had for Marias wedding :)
- the small flowers are squares of felt, that I stichted onto the fabric, cut out small flowers and put the "leaves" up a bit

in a box I got from my granny in law I found vintage crochted lace. So I added the lace to the bottom ( and covered the spaced where the dye hasn't got to :) )

Instead of using the bias binding, that I painted white ( which was too stiff ) I used a self cut piece of rayon ( from stash...)

I really like this dress. It is cute without beeing frilly or so.

My next project is another tank top. They are finished so fast and that is what my stash problem needs from time to time. Just to get things done :) And to empty the boxes.
The pattern is this
(picture by Jalie )

The fabric is a jersey, that I got in Copenhagen during our last European PR weekend. Unfortunately it is sticky ( I guess it was the end of the bold and they put tape to the fabric to stick it to the cardboard or so ), so my serger got stuck during construction and the fabric went into a hot bath :) now it is drying...

I think after completing the tank top I will do some mending ( how I hate mending ) before going on to my first ottobre woman pattern.

I have a striped fabric in my stash, that I got from the evil fabric queen and I do have enough buttons to be buried in, so I guess this is going to be another use of what I have :)


Brobo hat gesagt…

Hallo Näh-Tini, wir sind geografische Nachbarn, schau' doch mal in mein Weblog rein. Gruß aus Schleswig-Holstein.

Lori hat gesagt…

The dress is so cute! I love the sheep!

madhatter hat gesagt…

jawohl! die sheep sind echt süß! :)

und die spitze ist ein echter schatz!

mangetsu hat gesagt…

This dress is so adorable! Regarding the relation of cuteness and frills... I think there is none. Just quit ruffling and want to do some plain yet super cute clothes for my daughter. Adding sheeps seems to help increasing the level of cuteness... maybe I should try ;-)

You asked about taking nicer pictures... well, try natural light (not direct), take LOTS of shots of one piece and choose 'the one', do close ups, don't show the whole thing in the picture, use the edges to make your photos more lively.
That's how I read it.
What I also recommend: Use Gimp. Not to fake or lie but to improve by cropping the photos.