Sonntag, April 09, 2006

coool birthday gifts and a broken laptop

Hi honeys,

thank you so much for your gratulations!
My 30s birthday was sooo cool. Big party is coming up in summer ( theme: 80s and its fashion disasters ).
I got a bunch of very cool gifts:
first: a "newspaper" with articles from a lot of friends. soooo coool

a handspindle for spinning wool. Need to practice when my arm is better
my sister embroidered a wizzard for me. too cool. need to make a picture!
cranberry shower gel
a bottle of wine
the cronicles of narnia ( books! ) ( DHs is the best )
a tree ( a real one for our garden, if we get one one day)
a coffeemug
2 t-shirts
Historical fashion in detail
2 cds ( revolverheld & silbermond )
a voucher for 7 massages! yeah!

and an invitation for a crime-dinner!

I had a real good time yesterday and today!
Except that my new laptop isn't working properly so my Brother in law took it home with him.... argh...

tonight we are going to a "subway to sally" concert and I really should sew a black t-shirt but a) it is already 5 p.m. and b) my arm is still hurting...


madhatter hat gesagt…

a crime dinner! *squeeeek*
please take me with you! i´ll sit in your handbag - quiet and small. i don´t eat or drink, but i´ll find the murderer!

that´s WAYYYYY too cool!
i´m waiting for a crime-weekend for *letmethinkaboutitistoolong* !

take a pic of the wizard and share, i like to see it!

charlotte hat gesagt…

tell me WHERE can I find such a crime weekend. I like to go!

Tini hat gesagt…

Ma chére Charlotte,

on the internet :) LOL

Ich glaube das war unter