Montag, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

Hi bunnies,

I hope you had a great Easter holiday. Mine was uhm o.k.
My granny ( 91) went to hospital on Thursday, so I spent quiet a bit time there. But she is better now!

Beside that Easter was nice. The bunny up there was actually the decoration my the carrot cake I made for my nephews baptismal ( christening? ) which was today. The cake was THE hit :) I made more pics with my old good analog camera :) So they need to be developed before I can show them :)

On Sunday I dyed our breakfast eggs ( we have them once a year ) with kurkuma & chocenille ( ready made bio-egg-dye ) They came out great too, so I had to take a picture of the eggs in the basket my mum made me for Easter

Due to the fact, that I could not paint the hallway, the kitchen and the bathroom ( as planned ) with my arm, I got some sewing done ( very little one because I don't want to stress my arm more than needed) And I finished another Jalie-tank top. HTe fabric is from Copenhagen :) ( Last patternreview weekend in July 05 or so )
It is sooooo soft :) And is completely use-what-you-have.

O.k a tank just needs a tiny bit of fabric and some thread for the serger but I'm happy to say "finished" a little more often :)

Next project will be bigger. A jacket ( what we call a blazer) The fabric is from the evil fabric queen and I got it in 2004. Here comes a picture

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Mary hat gesagt…

Tini, I love the fabric for the tank - it says *80s chic* to me. Can't wait to see the Ottobre blazer.