Sonntag, April 02, 2006

use what you have - little girls dress

yeah, I'm working on my next uwyh-project.
The dress for my 3 yr old niece.
SHe wears a size 98 in RTW, so I decided to go for it :) too

I'm making a dress from a 2003 burda. I don't know if they still have kids patterns in their normal mags but back then, they had!

This is the pattern.

The fabric is the leftover fabric from my design challenge project but I also dyed it. So this is NOT the colour of my design challenge project :)

When I was at blauweisschen to take the class in embellishing fabric with wooden stamps I bought a small stamp aka known as "the sheep". So this is THE stamp for a 3 yr old. Don't you think so?

I want to bind the neckline with white bias binding but I don't have any, so I used the fabric paint ( from Marias wedding I have plenty of fabric paint colours ) to "dye" bias cut fabric from the dress... Use what you have!

It's still drying, so I can blogg here instead of sewing. The dress has to be finished next sunday ( my 30th birthday and dear Niece will attend ), so I want to give it to her then ( or better to her mum..)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Da ich ja hier nur die Hälfte verstehe ;-)) laß ich dir einfach mal liebe grüße da. ein Kontaktformular hab ich nicht gefunden.
winke winke

mangetsu hat gesagt…

WOW, Tini, that's creative. I like you using a pattern by burda. I always liked their patterns for kids. Maybe they didn't look so cool like the patterns of ROOS... but they were good basics and it's up to you to give them a special look.
You surely do!

madhatter hat gesagt…

die schäfchen sind ja niedlich, deine nichte wird begeistert sein!