Sonntag, Mai 14, 2006

babyquilt: the first block is finished

yeah me!
I already finished the first block of the Bestfriendbabyquilt :) and the baby is not even born or due in the next 4 weeks ( in fact it is due in octobre so another yeah, for starting this early )

I'm making a paperpieced quilt with motives from Margaret Rolfes Animal kindgom...

this is a cow ( without a tail and an eye yet....), I think it is recognizable :)

so, and now I'm on to get some trenchcoat sewing done!

(still sunday, a little later)

o.k. short update

- Shoulderpads are inserted
- lining is shortend and hemmed
-belt carriers are attached

next step:
making the back vent & inserting the lining

Steps to go:
- attaching the lining
- buttonholes
- belt

maybe I'll finish this one TODAY

sunday 7 p.m.

vent is ready
Lining is attached to the facing...

I don't think, I'll finish this one tonight BUT next week!
yeah me... after a year of procnasthingingsbla ( I don't know how to write English.... argh...)

the lining is nearly completed.... I messed up the vent lining ( argh )
and now I just cut it up in a squarish form and will serge the raw edges!


charlotte hat gesagt…

procrastination - it's my middle name! lol
I'm looking forward to your trench. go you!

Cambric Tea hat gesagt…

So cute!