Dienstag, Mai 02, 2006

back with the trenchcoat

Hi honeys,

my granny is a tiny little better. She had her surgery today and is still alive ( which is more than I expected ) so I'm back at the sewing machine.
I did cut the lining for my trenchcoat according to the instructions in Claire Shaeffers High fashion sewing secrets.
Let's see how it turns out. But the worst part ( cutting ) is over. I really don't like cutting out patterns. I don't know why...

I'm really looking forward to finish this coat because afterwards I'll start working on one of the patterns from Madhatters 1956 burda ( or so ) I'm going to make a muslin first and will add a lot of couture techniques.....

Beside that my long term knitting project is making progress. I'm taking the knitting stuff with me, when I'm visiting my granny in the hospital and the last week I knitted over 30 ( which is enormous for me ).... nothing fancy just a sweater in stockinette stitch.... I'll post a picture soon :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

noone likes cutting. it´s boring!
it´s not like pattern drafting or sewing. it´s one of the things you just HAVE to do, though you don´t want to.

wich techniques will you add? "hidden" ones or more embellishment? i´m so curious how your outfit will turn out! *tschakkaaaa!*

you know, i keep fingers crossed.

Lori hat gesagt…

I'm glad to hear your grandmother is better.

I hate cutting too. I think it's because there is no turning back once you start cutting.

I look forward to seeing your coat. It sounds difficult.

Tini hat gesagt…

I will add)
bound buttonholes
thread tracing and basting
inserting the sleeves by hand
I'm going to make a lot of muslins :)

Cambric Tea hat gesagt…

Glad your g-ma is feeling a little better.

I should have a business cutting out other sewers patterns. I like to do it. I'll make a fortune!

Tini hat gesagt…

mmmhhh... I guess shipping everything to the US would be much to expensive :) maybe you could open a branch in Kiel :)