Dienstag, Mai 23, 2006

good news too. We are going to buy a house

O.k. I have not been to my doc today but have an appointment on wednesday. I read on a cancer forum, that an aching breast is pretty normal and that the tissue can me lumpy after not getting Zoladex anymore.... still scary....

But THANK YOU ALL for thinking off me. You won't believe how much strenght I get from that!!!!

and I have good news too.
The seller of the house I made an offer for agreed on our price so we are GOING TO GET A HOUSE... YEAH!!!


madhatter hat gesagt…


*jump* that´s great! post some photos soon... i´m a curious one (okay, you already knew)
maybe i get to see it in 2007? *hint*

keep fingers crossed for your appointment & send positive engergy to the north.

mangetsu hat gesagt…

Hope you got more good news today!

... some positive energy from east to west, too ;-)

Tini hat gesagt…

sorry for the confusion.
My appointment is next wednesday....