Montag, Mai 29, 2006

I'm a great sister

Hi folks,

can't really talk that well.... been to the denist today and got two uhm Kronen :)
not the Danish currency as you might guess...

I spend a very busy looong weekend and was sewing....
not for me but for Dear Sister :) I started making her a bra. Size 80E was just 3 cm too small :( so I custom fit her the pattern on saturday and sewed about half of the bra yesterday.... I hope, that it will fit in the end.... I'm no hero with pattern alterations!

And we painted the hallway and the bathroom. We need to leave the flat white. If you know some of my PR pictures you know, that we have green & yellow & orange painted walls here...

We are going to "our" house tomorrow :) I'll take pictures. I promise....

apropos promise. DH promised that we are going to get cats in the house and I'mn already thinking about names.... at the moment I tend to "Keva" and "Caleigh"...

what do you think?
I hope, that the würzburg and the square-city ladies aren't allergic to cats!


Anonym hat gesagt…

when do you move?
what colours will be in the new house? will you have a sewing room?

a curious lady in a city full of squares

Tini hat gesagt…

we are going to move in september.

Yellow for the living room plus a deep red for the dining area

Stripes of blue in the bedroom.
White for the sewing room ( yeah ) and the computer room.

I think about taking a class at Blauweisschen just to print curtains :)

Maria hat gesagt…

Cats!!! yes! Somalis?? (I can get you some :-))

madhatter hat gesagt…

not allergic, but i´m not a cat-woman ;)

i´m more the dog-type of human being.
but - as long as they don´t fish in my pond, go hunting for birds in my garden or p**p between my plants i´m alright with them.
"kieler katzen" won´t do this in my surrounding, i think *gg*

Tini hat gesagt…

you don't have to cuddle with them :)

Shall I give you a teaser for the Kieler Woche 2006?
Simple Minds
Die Happy

o.k. that are the bands I'm going to see but there are a lot more :)