Sonntag, Mai 21, 2006

Instant gratifikation

After sewing so many hours on the trenchcoat I needed to sew something EASY!

A T-shirt is great then plus I used some of my stash ( yeah, another meter gone ) and printed with a antique wooden stamp, that I got off ebay :)

I tried a new Claire Shaeffer technique ( read more at our Claire Shaeffer sew along blog at ) for the hem and I really like the way, it came out!

The fabric is a cheapo-deepo knit, I got for my dsis pregnancy wardrobe and this is the leftover. It is very soft but a bit see-thru, I'm going to use this t for a sleepshirt, so that is o.k. with me ( and with DH :) GRIN)

The pattern is the an Onion pattern nr 5003 :) that I modified to a v-neck.
The neckline is o.k. but not too great... Need to practice that :)

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