Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006

may someone please hit me with a big book or so?

o.k. it seems that I forget pretty easily...
Do you remember me saying, "Never shades again? Or blinds? or other window treatments esp. not for anybody else than me or close family?"

I do remember. So why am I sitting here sewing ( or better altering ) the shades of my neighbour? Because
a) I can't say no
b) I really like them A LOT
c) she did help. But I'm better without help when I had a bad day at work, so we did not finish all blinds yesterday. So I spend another hour tonight for the third shade or whatever ( gardine ;) )and will alter the last 2 at the weekend.

So there are no news from the trenchcoat except that I bought stuff for my sleeveheads today... Plus a lot of stuff for my vintage/couture project.

If you are interested. We do have a Claire Shaeffer Sew Along blog ( in German ) to keep us motivated to try out all these great techniquwa.

You find it under


madhatter hat gesagt…

seems you have too much time ;)

no, really it´s nice from you to help your neighbour.

and... you forgot... the link: csssewalong

Tini hat gesagt…

I really need a little sewing every day to keep me sane....
Job, ill Grandma, looking for a house.... that is just too much for me sometime.

And my neighbours are the sweetest persons ever. I'm so sad, that they move out.

When I got my mistletoe-therapie and DH was on a youth-vacation as a guide, my neighour gave me the injections twice a week!