Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006

money spent

I have to admit, I did not get out of the store, where I bought my brand new thimble ( thanks prairie princess for that word! I love it... thimble thimble thimble )

oh and I bought 5 fat quarters for the babyquilt I need to make.
My best friend is pregnant after a looooong time of trying to get pregnant and in a moment of total brainlessness I have promised to make a baby quilt... yeah... I really don't like quilting that much....

Its going to be 9 blocks from Animal Kingom. Of course paperpiecing. AND I'm going to use scraps of clothing, that comes from another sewing friend ( who likes brown...) If you have any cotton, that is blue or grey or so, that is nice for animals, just let me know... Or other bright cotton for the background ?? Before you throw it away...

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madhatter hat gesagt…


a big quilter´s on his way, i think.
it´s very nice that you do this in spite of you don´t like to quilt!
that´s what makes a true friend.

(not the quilt, indeed - you know, what i mean.)