Mittwoch, Mai 31, 2006

News from the doctor

NO news are good news?
The doctor couldn't find anything and said, that
it might have been
a) scartissueaches
or b) hormons going wild
so we have to wait until August, when I have the next mamogramm...

thank you for thinking of me.... I really appreciate it!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Good to hear Tini, but I wonder why wait until August. Aren't there other types of scans they could use. I hope the pain has gone........pain is so annoying.

Your new house looks very nice, do you have a garden out the back? Will you be moving 'out' of the city or closer to?

madhatter hat gesagt…

he didn´t find something, and they won´t find something in august. i really think if he´d found something to worry about in ANY way, he´d have send you to do a mamogramm right now.

and yes, no news ARE good news and a phone call is not as bad as the police ringing your doorbell.

Cambric Tea hat gesagt…


charlotte hat gesagt…

yeah, yeah, yeah!
it's very early in the morning and I can't read yet: I wondered what scar-tussi-aching could be. happy weekend without tussis!