Sonntag, Mai 07, 2006

slow progress

Hi honeys,

I'm making sloooow progress as I'm handsewing my hem... and I'm slow!

I really need a fingerprotector ( word? ), I will go into that shop, that I'm too afraid to go into ( faaaabrrrriiiiicccc ) and will be strong and just buy what I need. I spend about 80 Euro on interfacing, so my sewing budget is pretty low at the moment....

But this evening I made a sleevehead.
As I mentioned, we do have a Claire Shaeffer Sew along blog.
And a lot of pictures are there ( need to put it into my linklist ), so here is just the result

the link to our other blog is

A late birthdaygift arrived today. The new revolverheld CD. I love it!!!!

Here is a link

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Prairie Princess hat gesagt…

I think the word you're looking for is "thimble".

I enjoy your blog!