Montag, Juni 26, 2006

A break from work that was not planned

Hi honeys,

I finished my KNIP WIP today yeah!
I *smallishcough**hüstel* glued the hem. My sister gave me this kind of mesh, that melts when ironed and I decided to give it a try. It adds stability to the hem but that is o.k. with the linen.
Only thing to complain is, that the overcasted hem ( serger ) shows... darn... Need to learn how to interface hems ( have plenty of books, so why don't I use them? Huh? )
The neckline is finished with a selfmade trim from the teal tulle.
I simply cut a stripe 2.5 cm wide and stitched it to a piece of petersham. Then I folded the petersham together and serged it excess off

I sewed it to the neckline and edgestitched it in place, then I trimmed the tulle to my taste.
And voilá.

I'll have DH take pictures tomorrow with me inside.
I'm not allowed to work tomorrow. Do you remember me having this cold ca 3 weeks ago? It's not gone and I visited the doc today after having problems breathing. It is a virus-infection and can cause heart problems so I have to stay at home.
And I shall do NOTHING. Just relax. I guess that includes sewing... I mean relaxing = sewing....


Annika hat gesagt…

Lovely dress! I like the teal tulle at the neckline but is it scratchy?
Also - get well soon! We have a lot of shopping to do soon!

Gorgeous Things hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, I just found your site. That dress is so cute. I love the edging at the neck! You can always try using a nylon mesh knit for edging like that too. It looks like tulle, but it' much softer. -Ann

Marietta hat gesagt…

veeerrrrryyy nice detail at neck...must remember to use in future...must steal fab idea from tini

cmarie12 hat gesagt…

Tini ~ I love all of the extras that you added to the dress to make it uniquely you!