Sonntag, Juni 04, 2006

Scary thing to do on the weekend

I did it
I measured my stash!!! and filed it!
I have
120.7 Meter of fabric
Most of it is blue or grey... go figure....
at least it coordinates but most of it was bought in a time, where I seem to want to hide and this time of my life is over over over! so I need some fabric from time to time to pep up the greys and blues


Cambric Tea hat gesagt…

Turquoise! I love turqoise with greys and navies. I love that combo!

Second, Red

Third Purple.

There are so many beautiful shades of blue green sea. I think the deeper, murkier bluegreens would look so pretty on you. JMHO!

Maria hat gesagt…

Hey sweeeite

Good work! And you were almost 30 meter off your estimate! Now Imust go and update my stash total :-) hugs

madhatter hat gesagt…

if you have much blue and grey i tend to go along with cambric tea - shades of the sea should be wonderful to get some color into your pile.
all shades of turquoise, light blue, seaweed green, dark green must match wonderful with what you have.
seems everyone measures his stash these days.
i won´t.
i fear it would be "too much"... ;)

kleinesSchwarzes hat gesagt…

I measured my stash some months ago. Back then I had 142 m of fabric, might be a bit more now. And it's all black *sigh*. You see I'm not the one to give you advice on colors :-) but bluegreen sounds good.

Tini hat gesagt…

142 of black fabric? whew THAT is a lot :)

thanks for the suggstions. as soon as I'll allow myself some fabric I'll buy some bluegreen :)

Marietta hat gesagt…

the thought of measuring my stash would scare me - from what i can see with out opening closets and drawers there are about 60 meters on bolts - that doesn't count fat quarters or 1/2 yards...and that doesn;t include work fabric - great jacket and good luck with the new house