Montag, Juni 05, 2006

sew ill

Hi folks,
after having guest the whole weekend or beeing out to birfdayparties etc. I'm pretty ill now.
I catched that cold last week and due to lack of sleep it got worse :(

I'm off to bed in a second but beside measuring my stash ( still in shock ) I worked a bit on my ottobre jacket, which is completely made out of stuff I had in my stash
( pattern/interfacing/fabric/yarn/embroidery thread) I'm pretty happy with the fit so far but I need to put the lining ( going to be some of the 17 meter of dark blue cotton, which where bought for making me a victorian gown, but I never got and never will get around making it, so I just use it for other stuff like linings and perfecting the shirt-pattern that I bought for DH )

I inserted the sleeves today as well as the sleeveheads, which I made from fleece I had in my stash ( remnant, another 6*20 cm gone... ) I'm not going to insert shoulder pads but I'm sure that I need a straw hat for summer now and I need to find a Fred Astair double, so that we can dance in the street while wearing this jacket!

Thanks by the way for your thoughts on colour! Great suggestions but I need to sew up more from that huge amount before buying new fabric, it's not that I don't have any colour in there ( see picture ) but the non-dramatic colours are just in the majority ( like periwinkle and taupe and such colours...)
I need more reds and pinks and teals :) and aqua and and and

have a great night without coughing!

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