Dienstag, Juli 11, 2006

Back from the UK

The PR weekend was a blast ( as ever ), if you ever find the chance to participate, DO IT! THe ladies are awesome, the gathering is so inspiring and we always find great deals on fabric & notions.
So I came back home with 2 new fabrics ( one from our ugly fabric swap ) and a rasberry coloured poly something

Mine are the fabrics in the upper left corner. The print with the circles in beige/red/black is mine :)
Annika found some amazing patterns at a thriftstore back in Seattle and brought them with her. The "ugly" fabric is going to be a dress. I already cut out the pattern and will make the dress this afternoon ( I washed the fabric yesterday ).
I found some thread heaven in a beadstore plus some organ needles for less than in Germany :)
But my greatest find was the wooden stamp at the V & A

As you can see I already used it :)
We are planning to do the next PR weekend in KIEL :)

Update on my retro-dress:
The fabric I got at our swap is not enough to make a dress, so I'm making a top instead. The fabric is already cut :) yeah me... I don't want this fabric to become stash :) it is such a funky print, that I really HAVE to use it... I mean, it has neither grey or blue in it :) Yeeee haaa!


Karina hat gesagt…

Gosh... you're fast!
Washed the fabric, cut out the pattern AND tried out the stamp!
And it's just 12pm!
I'm barely out of bed, just picking up on everything.
But don't let me hold you back! We all want to see results! :-)

Tini hat gesagt…

argh.... not enough fabric... damn...
o.k. I'm going to use my remnants from previous projects this afternoon and will think about what to do with the print too :)
I washed the fabric yesterday as well as I tried out the stamp :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Cool stamp... I should never visit V&A.. it's too dangerous for me.

Åsa hat gesagt…

Wow Tini, you're so fast! I haven't even finished unpacking my suitcase yet :) What are you going to use the stamp for? Fabric embellishing?

charlotte hat gesagt…

I want to hear more....
I am a pr-member, but don't read and write very often. no patterns in the sewing world that fit me.

but making new friends internationally sounds very good.

I don't know how, but I wanna visit the v&a next year and hope to take the elfe aka kerstin with me.