Dienstag, August 29, 2006

Blogroll treasures part II The sewing divas

I'd like to introduce you to my favourite international sewing goddesses ( I do have some in Germany too, but more on that in a later post)
The sewing divas

The sewing divas are all geniuses when it comes to sewing.
The sewing divas blog gives you the chance to learn from them.

Georgene is a professional designer from NYC
Els is a professional seamstress from the Netherlands

Gigi has an embroidery business in Florida.
Her blog
Behind the seams gives me a laugh every time and the "want to have it too" effect is pretty expensive after reading her blog about industrial machines, vintage patterns, lovely fabric and so on!
Ann is living in New England, where she runs a sewing atelier and is an opera singer too I have so much fun reading her blog about the latest fashion hickups ;)
gorgeousthings blog

Phyllis is also living in New England, where she seems to be inspired to make incredible. Her stunning creations are shown at her blog Obsessed with embellishments

Mary Beth is another talented sewer, who runs her own business with educational materials.. Besides sewing, Mary Beth is into machine knitting too. You can read about this very interesting topic on her blog The stitchery


Gigi hat gesagt…

Tini, we are so honored that you would mention us! We love you and your blog! :-)

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Tini, thx for the kind words about TheSewingDivas. You blog is looking really sharp! Wow, quite professional. :)