Montag, August 28, 2006

Blogroll treasures

As I promised, I'm going to introduce you to my blogroll links :) and tell you, why I enjoy the blogs I put on there so much :)
Karinas home is Ireland ( o.k. original she is from Germany), where she has an alteration store in the neck of woods ;) She makes very insprining clothing for her clients, herself and her now grown daugther.
I met Karina 2004 at the PR weekend in Copenhagen. Reading her blog is a little bit like visiting her from time to time :)


Mäddi is our mad hatter ( like in Alice from wonderland). It is her fault, that I blog now on a regular basis. She showed my the basics.
Mäddi also known as Karin ( or Katrin or so LOL.... people keep on forgetting if I'm Christina or Christine or Christiane.... sticking to tini is easier ) is living just the opposite of Germany from my point of view ( up north here...). She is sewing FUN stuff like a baby onsie with a stamped on skull... or a pirate handbag... or stuff from JAPANESE patterns...
Reading her blog enlightens my day often or make me hungry because she is posting pictures of the most delicious things she makes...


madhatter hat gesagt…

uuuuuh... i´m a treasure :)
thx, tini-darling ^^

you´re welcome to try my kitchen´s outcomes whenever you´re in "roaring" bavaria!
but it isn´t my fault that you blog... you had a blog before i even thought of having a blog of my own... so... we have to seek someone who´s guilty.
how about "elfen und kampfzwerge"? they make a pretty guilty couple! *gg*

Karina hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, thanks very much for this nice introduction... regarding the visiting... you know, you're always welcome !

Tini hat gesagt…

Mäddi, yes it is your fault...
Reading your blog (and Alex') made me want to write on a more regular basis.... as you can see in the archives I used to post every now and then but in the last few months I really added a lot :)

Tini hat gesagt…

Karina, I'll take you up on that :)