Sonntag, August 20, 2006

crafty weekend? unfortunately not

Hi fellas,

I had great plans for the weekend *mental note to me: do not make great plans* :
I wanted to sew my patrones fleece jacket, maybe cut out another one,
work on the surprise for the hobbyschneiderinnen congress,
work with my embird software
finish knitting the socks ( or make good progress)

And what did I do?
Spending around 4 hours total at the emergency dentist. Heiko got toothaces on friday evening and went to the emergency dentist on saturday, who lasered something.
We spend the afternoon cleaning and I worked with my embird and on the surprise.
I even managed to sew a bit on the patrones jacket. Unfortunately I discovered that my topstitching from thursday or so was UNEVEN.... argh...
o.k. we were invited to a wedding party ( the actual wedding took place 10 months ago and it should be a very relaxed party), so we got ready around 5 p.m. and drove to my parents place.

The party was uhm nice... First every meateater would have love it, while I stuck to onion-bread and coleslaw... yeah... Then the music was awfull ( any Andrea-Berg Schlager fans among us? nope? me neither) and no coke light. The choice of beverages ( alcohol ) was very limited. At least they had a half-nice whiskey to which I stuck. So no drinking so much, that the music became nicer :) We left at one, so that is always a bad sign....

When DH woke me up at 9 a.m. I was still hangoverish :) He had just slept for 3 hours and his tooth was acing like hell, even after 6 aspirin... We left for the dentist at 10 a.m. because we knew that Heiko would have a root canal treatment :( I took my knitting stuff with me. At the dentist I discovered, that the 5th needle was still at home :(
We had to wait very very long and were at home around 1 p.m. :(

Nice thing we did this afternoon was deciding on colours for the house :)
Not so nice things: Discovered a flaw in the congress surprise and had to redo :(

But I did some embroidery, got rid of the uneven topstiching ( I'll show you later ) worked a bit with embird and worked on my knitting...

Around 6 Heikos tooth ackes came back and we had to go to the dentist AGAIN... argh

So, how was your weekend?


anea hat gesagt…

Sounds like the weekend from hell :(

Mine was a little better - well, a lot better by comparison!

Yesterday I played a bit of "Mum's Taxi Service" for the kids and cooked delicious "Kartoffelpuffer". Afterwards I spent the evening hypnotizing my terrycloth fabric into cutting itself - which it didn't do. Naughty terrycloth! I gave up on this hypnotizing thing and retreated to the couch with th efirst volume of Tad Williams' Otherland.

After a hearty breakfast this morning I finally cut the terrycloth and deposited it on my sewing table.

Then my dear family and I drove to my sister-in-law and her husband for a BBQ. The weather was not nice enough to sit outside but nevertheless it was a nice afternoon.

But since she lives a drive of a good hour from here I am now rather tired. So terry will have to wait till tomorrow and I will soon crawl under the covers with Tad Williams :)

Karina hat gesagt…

OMG, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope Heiko is better now...... regarding my weekend... well, I had to work on Saturday and was very, very, very lazy on Sunday (or maybe depressed because of the weather!- was like one of those miserable days we get in November!)