Mittwoch, August 02, 2006

Tutorial ( o.k. sort of ) Onion 3023

Hi readers,

( I thought you might not like to be called honey everytime...)
When I started my newest project
onion3023 view b I thought I might make a step by step tutorial/instruction sheet, but I forgot to make a couple of pictures or they are soooo blurry, that you can't see anything, but I write down what I made nevertheless.
these are my fabrics
a white cotton with red embroidery paisley motiv and a

and a
dark blue cotton satin from my stash.
All in all I used just over a meter of fabric. I guess 1,20 meter.
I started with a size 40, which corresponds with my waist measurement.
I copied the pattern and added s.a. and then I cut out the fabric ( no pic of that, I thought that was self explaining)
First step sewing wise was pinning the lower border ( out of the white fabric ) to the dark blue fabric
blurry picture one

Sew the pinned seam and press.
My order when pressing is
Pressing from one side
Flip over and press from the other side

Normally I would press the s.a. open now ( first with finger pressing and then with the iron ) but with my very thin white fabric every s.a. shows thru, so I opted for pressing it towards the blue fabric
o.k. blogger does not want me to upload more pictures today, so I guess I'll close here for now and will edit the entry tomorrow

Just one hint. The pattern is pattern of the month at the moment at my Onionpatterndealer Maria ( see my linklist ), you get a 15% discount :)

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