Sonntag, August 06, 2006

weekend work

Besides finishing my skirt yesterday, I decided to work on my to do list :) I posted some time ago.

Here is a hint :)

So what have I already finished from the list?

Next projects:

- trace that vintage burda pattern and mail the mag back to mäddi before moving house


- onion, inverted-box-pleat skirt out of some of the grey fabric,

ALSO DONE :) Not in the grey fabric, but still from stash....

Here is my review at patternreview

- - Trousers, I have the septembre patrones from 2005 and there are 2 patterns I'd love to try

Not even traced now

- jacket ( fleece)

Simply too warm to start now :)

- babyquilt....*cough**cough**cough*

Jupp, I worked on the quilt. I managed to finish 4.5 blocks today.

The first block was made in may

do you remember?

I'm pretty happy with the blocks so far. What do you think?
The faces will be added just before sewing the blocks together :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

i can tell all the animals, so your blogs are pretty! :)

Abi hat gesagt…
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Abi hat gesagt…

Love the quilt motifs , I have never done any quilting ( okay a small needle case)
Looking forward to a view when it is all done.