Freitag, September 08, 2006

happy 100 :)

Dear interested reader,
or as usual hi honeys,

this is my 100s entry to my blog... wow, I never knew I had so much to share... o.k. basically you just see what I sew or in the last weeks how I move :)

Thank you for your interest. I have a little statistic program running, so I can see from where you visit. That is sooo interesting: You folks from the US are in the lead, second is Germany, third is Denmark :) followed by visitors from the UK. But also people from Spain, Switzerland, Malaysia and Japan are visiting.... THANX :) I'm so honored :)

And even at the risk to bore you to death :) here are more pics of the kitchen and the living room, now with coloured stripes attached....

Tomorrow is the day of the move, I'm pretty excited but also fearfull.... I really liked living here. A lot of stuff has happend in my life while I was living in this flat.

Heiko and I got married, 3 nieces and nephews were born, friends visited a lot, we had our cooking circle here ( did I mentioned that? ), I went thru a very hard time while having breast cancer and I accomplished to do a lot of sewing and my sewing really got onto a new level of skill... So I'm spending a long sad evening knitting socks for Nika/ another very talented sewer from Kiel... We have a bunch of great ladies here...


katrin hat gesagt…

it´s always a little scary to move, but you´ll stay within the area, so it´s not a big deal. as for the other things - just tell yourself that there´s a new place to be filled with memories, and hopefully this will ONLY be good ones!


Abi hat gesagt…

Tini , wishing you and hubby all the very best with the move.
May your new home become a nest filled with joy, warmth and laughter and a place to create wonderful memories.

Lori hat gesagt…

I love the stripes on the walls. I hope you will have wonderful and happy experiences in your new place. It looks great!

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Yes, I love the play with color you are doing with your paint. Have a great, smooth, move.

Melissa hat gesagt…

I understand how you feel completely. Moving a block away or around the world is very scary. But, I can tell you from experience it a far worse thing not to change and grow. Its so sad to see... To stay in a house or town and to become stagnent. While I don't think you would become so, I do believe that you feel strongly about personal growth. That is why you studied to learn English so well, why you aways worked to improve your sewing and why you are a survivor. You'll be fine and it will soon be home.
All my best for your new adventure

Åsa hat gesagt…

Hi Tini, I hope your move went well! I'm sure you'll love living in your new house, especially after you've gone through so much trouble to make it yours. Maybe you already feel better, after having spent a few nights there...? And don't forget your fan(s?) in Sweden :)

mangetsu hat gesagt…

Here some sloooow honey from Japan ;-)
Congrats on your 100th entry! It's amazing how quickly they add up, isn't it?
Hope your move went smoothly. Good luck and many happy years in your new home!!!