Donnerstag, September 07, 2006


Hi honeys,

I'm sitting amongst packed boxes right now... No possibility to do anything sewing related, so I thought I'll show you pics for the yuckies kitchen I had to clean so far :)
It did not look dirty but it was so sticky, that the counter is still sticky in some places even after 5 times with strong chemicals :(

First the dirty air-thing.... you know over the stove?

This is the kitchen before painting


And this is the kitchen with white paint :)

I promise to take more pics tomorrow but I can't promise to upload them tomorrow.
We are going to move on saturday and I will be without internet for a couple of days :)

stay tuned


charlotte hat gesagt…

leo calls that thing extractor hood. never heard... we don't learn nice words like dunstabzugshaube in school *sigh*. but we can read george orwell and all the others.

tini, it looks real good with all the paint and the floors. hope to see it in reality next year. (workin' on it)

good luck for tomorrow. I send you a virtual loaf of bread with salt.

anea hat gesagt…

it's called just "hood" (or "range hood", "vent hood" etc. depending on the style)

tini, I wish you a lot of luck in your new home.

a virtual horse shoe is attached :)