Montag, September 25, 2006

Sewing expo: I'm still alive

hew, that was a very exciting weekend.
We had our anual sewing expo in Germany. One of the few that is oriented towards non profi sewers with classes and so :)
Plus I gave my debut as a class teacher there. 8 ladies were willing to let me tell them how to make an FBA. I think, despite a little chaos, most of them learned a bit and they did not kill me, so that is a good thing, isn't it?

I was very knocked out on saturday with headaches and so, so I'm was happy to have a very quiet evening and beeing in bed early. Tonight I arrived around 2 a.m aftern an 7 hour drive but it was sooo worth it.

Meeting ( see my linklist ) Madhatter, Elfen and Kampfzwerge, Sewnsushi, suberb sewers, Exclusive Stoffe, Julimond, the hobbyschneiderin herself and many many more made this event very special for me. Thank you soooo much and please please please tell me if I'm tooooo loud, toooo hectic or just over the top.... I mean after 3 cups of coffee, a lot of coke things can get out of hand :) I'm looking forward to meeting all of you again... maybe a special fba workshop for some and a lot of Nackenbeissen ??? LOL

oooh I forgot ( hey 5 hours of sleep is not enough for me... )

read it, laugh loud :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

well, i don´t need a fba, but i support the nackenbeisser-thing. *evilgrin*
was nice to meet you. hopefully it won´t take a whole year to repeat ;)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

You are very naughty girls indeed! Next year, we will sit down quite and listen to "Der Beruf der Jungfrau" ( The profession of the virgin) and then maybe do a little freehand embroidery with the sewing machines.

anea hat gesagt…

"a lot of coke..."
I hope you mean the kind which is fluid, brown an d comes in a bottle! Or did I miss out on all the fun?

nackenbeisser? sounds like a nice new occupation! more infos, pls.

katrin hat gesagt…

anea - you missed the nackenbeisser-thing?
more infos to come on e&k...

thought next year we would do a workshop how to be beautiful and stay beautiful?
the full programm, including trash-can-hopping and cucumber masks?

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Of course.. a live performance with Madhatter as model...
And Charlotte will do a workshop: How to make nice brown thingies with "Salzteig"...

I think, Anea really missed the interesting parts of our conversation!

iris(julimond) hat gesagt…

hallo tini

schön, daß wir uns wieder getroffen haben, jetzt hast du einen kaffee und einen strickkurs bei mir gut ;-)))
weil du mit auf dem laufsteg warst, konnte ich mich nicht mehr bei dir verabschieden, ich bin kurz vor schluß heimgefahren.

laß dich trotzdem virtuell nochmal drücken.

Katrin hat gesagt…

Hi Tini,

here´s one of your fba - students...
Meanwhile I tried the technique adjusting a narrow tweed dress and I must admit, the effect is astonishing :-)! Thank you for the nice, useful afternoon. It was really worth it.

Katrin ( Paulinchen 7 )

Marietta hat gesagt…

ok ich bin bloed - was ist FBA?
and yeh that you taught a class - very cool - takes guts and a few cups of coffee (mmmm coffee, i miss coffee)
we are having a sewing expo here in dc this weekend....any takers? :)

Tini hat gesagt…

Full Bust Alteration :)
or adjustment...
very american :) very palmer/pletsch :)

chopsewy hat gesagt…

it was very nice to meet you and take part in your class - i learned a lot. i didn't do any fba again, but at least i managed to buy new patterns ;-) i'll show you the results, as promised.
sabine (sookie)