Sonntag, Oktober 22, 2006

Ein belegtes Brot mit Schinken SCHINKEN

Hi folks,
sorry for the German titel but I really could not help myself...
That is a line from a German song.... so guess what is that

it is acutally the top of the sleeves of my medivial maiden dress ( or better fantasy medivial maiden dress )

this is the front and this

is the back if DH laces me up. The binding things are not the real mccoy but for trying on package things are well enough..

Things I learned:
don't use stretchy things for underlining :)

and if you have ever wondered if LARP player can sew...
yes we can. THis dress has a sleeve stay and the corset has an underlining.
Next time I will add boning too :)

oh yes, if you wondered, if I do own a sword....

YES I DO ( please ignore that look that says "jeanne D'arc just before beeing burned)


Kerstin hat gesagt…

You want to threaten the bridegroom with your sword? Is it really necessary? o.Ô

Very nice dress! And a good proof that larpers really CAN sew.

anea hat gesagt…

will you buy two plush rats at ikea's to stuff the sleeves? (like louise did for the challenge II?)

katrin hat gesagt…

eiiiiin belegtes brot mit ei,
daaaaaaaaas sind...

da siehtst du, was du getan hast... *kopfschüttel*
das krieg ich nun den ganzen tag nicht mehr los!

very nice dress - i want one, too. i don´t know where to wear it, but who cares. i just WANT one! *loveloveloveit*

uhm... do i recognize the sword? unfortunately there´s no bigger picture, but it seems so.... "known", somehow... ??? O.ô

Villain Extraordinaire hat gesagt…

I don't know where I would wear it either, but I think it would make me happy to just wear that dress around my house forever and ever and ever.