Sonntag, Oktober 01, 2006

our bathroom gets blinds


somehow I managed to get my weekend really packed AGAIN.
Yesterday we had our major cleaning day this week plus I wanted to put up the blinds ( or whatever these are called )
Heiko is really NOT into home-improvement or do it yourself. He hates the drill :)
But in the end they are up. I need to attach the lower thingy to 2 of our cloth stripes ;) hard to describe.
I used uhm veil-muslin? and dyed it myself in sews favourite colour TEAL.
o.k. 2 of them but I just had blue at home for no3.
I used Dylon dye and it went very well.
The whole system is from IKEA and easy to install once you have figured out, what they try to tell you with all of these diagramms.

The moment I had put the last one up our friends showed up for dinner
( Onioncake with Federweisser, which is fresh wine... somehow sweet and delicous )

Today my DSis called, their friends had canceled the appointment they had, so she, her husband and the 2 kids came over.
More Onioncake and Federweisser
PLUS I went to get more plums today ( 10l ) and made more plum preserve.
For tea we had freshly made plum cake and 2 more friends came over.
We went to the coast afterwards and now I'm just tired.

No more sewing done BUT
I 'm going to have another urgend major project next week. We were invited to a wedding and the couple asked for medivial clothing :)


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Thinking of the amounts of onioncake and "Federweisser" it seems to be a good idea to blind the bathroom. You will stay there for a little while... *fg*

katrin hat gesagt…

solange der federweiße nicht "bremsig" ist, ist das gar kein problem.

oh, und: frische luft vermeiden.... ;)

anea hat gesagt…

onioncake, federweisser AND plums?

are you crash-testing your plumbing system?

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Great colours, i love them! :D