Dienstag, November 28, 2006

Back to normal


as you might have noticed, some changes appear on my blog.
Truly this was the attempt to get rid of the too long lines but
it did not work. Plus somehow I can't switch to beta... sigh

But good news are: I'm pretty much to my old state of health. My voice
is still *exotic* *snrc*
And I'm sewing again. My current project is still the pair of boot-length
( mid calf ) trousers from the november 2001 (!) issue of my bwof. I ran out of fabric and I simply did not have anything suitable in my stash, so I had to get some more from my favourite dealer Ly. The fabric had to be preshrunk, so no progress since sunday.

I traced and redrafted this

pattern. I dyed an old bathrobe of mine pink, so it will become a bathrobe for one of my nieces.

I spend the evening translating the Danish instructions but got stuck at some point. Maria helped me out, so this will be my next project.

I'm recharging my digicam, so there will be sock pics tomorrow or on thursday....

Have a great time!



Kerstin hat gesagt…

Wow... bright colours... sunny yellow. It nearly glows from my monitor. ;)

Abi hat gesagt…

Hello sunshine girl, did i just read Burda WOF [attern in progress?????LOL
Thanks for the other day.Cheers