Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Happy 1st advent

Today is the first advent sunday and I spend it pretty relaxed.
After my shopping frenzy yesterday I helped a sewing sister and her husband ( a friend and co-worker of mine ) moving house and yesterday eve, we met other friends and made a dvd eve... Memoires of a Geisha is such a great movie with sooo strong pictures....

So today was house cleaning, a small decorating ( see above, I just did not feel getting all the other stuff from the attic today, so that will be on my list for tomorrow ) and sewing in the afternoon.

I finished my burda trousers and will have Heiko take pics tomorrow. They are pretty o.k. but I will have to perfect the crotchseam....

Next I did cut the bathrobe for my niece. French terry is a horror when cutting, small bits everywhere.... looked like pink snow...

AND I made pics of my shopping frenzy purchases.... but at 1 euro a meter, I simply couldn't say no....

AND I made cookies... Poppy roll-cookies, don't they look delicous?

Last not least my fabrics, I'll post more pics next time... blogger does not allow too many pics


Karina hat gesagt…

Tini, do I see a bit of colour in your stash? Yeah! ... a bit of red and dusky pink....! :-)

Tini hat gesagt…

most of the darker stuff is not for me:
Here is the list of fabrics ( from top to bottom )
1. pic

- blue/white very soft cotton heringbone for me
- amethyst coloured stretch for me
- pink popeline ( for me or nieces)
- green flanell ( for Heiko)
- striped stretch denim for me
- dark blue jersey for Heiko
- pin-striped stretch denim for me

2. pic
- light blue furry fabric for me
- chunky knit (For Heiko or me or nephew)

3. pic
- Pink cotton for nieces
- green corduroy for nephew
- more stretch denim for me
- pink knit for nieces
- light blue silky fabric for me
- striped terry cotton for nephew

I don't wear jeans in colour that aren't blue or black, so that explains the blues :)

Abi hat gesagt…

Excellent fabric scoop.

Karina hat gesagt…

Oh Tini, I'm sorry.... I just was teasing you.