Dienstag, Januar 30, 2007

Nicoles Babyshoes: English translation

*k 9 (11/13) st, k2tog (last stitch of needle 1 and first st. needle 2). Turn*Nicole was so kind to allow me to post an English translation of her babyshoes here.
The copyright is still Nicoles! Elona ( do you have a blog btw?) helped me with the translations!

Directions for Nicole’s Baby Booties:

Inspired by a beautiful but very complicated pattern (with directions like a lot of stitches thru the back loop, grafting together and so on...) I set myself the task of designing a toe-up baby sock, one with instructions for several sizes, and quick to make.

I have knitted this one in three sizes: s
size 1 for preemies and newborns,
size 3 for babies six months old, and size 2 for babies between those ages.

Materials (European numbers):
Sock wool: 50 grams or less of 4-ply yarn, 420 meters per 100 gr.
Double-pointed needles: size 2.5
Sewing needle.
Crochet hook size 3.

Instructions for size 1 (2/3):

Sole: Cast on 10 (12/14) stitches and work in garter stitch for 20 (24/28) rows, slipping the first stitch and knitting every row.

Foot: When the sole is complete, pick up 18 (22/26) stitches on each long edge, and 10 (12/14) stitches on each short edge. (Elona’s note: For convenience, you can name one of the needles holding the short edges “Needle #1,” and start the round at that point)

Work one round purl, and then, start the short edge ( Needle # 1 if you named your needle) Purl a second round, but at each of the four corners, pick up a stitch through the back loop and purl.

On the four needles, there are now 10-20-10-20 (12-24-12-24/14-28-14-28) stitches. Work two more rounds in purl, then 3 rounds knit, 4 rounds purl, 3 knit, 4 purl, 3 knit, 4 purl. At this point, there will be four ridges. Stop before needle 1, at the beginning of the short side of the sole.

Decrease Rows:
Now, work decreases in these groups of stitches in stockinette stitch, in this way:
*k 9 (11/13) st, k2tog (last stitch of needle 1 and first st. needle 2). Turn*

Elona’s translation:
Repeat between asterisks (*...*) until all four needles have the same number of stitches: 10 (12/14) remain on each.

Work these 10 (12/14) remaining stitches as follows:

Knit one row even, but pick up a stitch in the gap between the fourth and the first needles.

Knit one more row even, but K together the last stitch of needle 4 and first stitch on needle 1.

Change to K2, P2 rib pattern, and work 4 rounds in ribbing. Then make an eyelet row: 1 YO, K2 tog, 1 YO, P2 tog, and so on. In the next row, resume rib pattern, incorporating the YOs. Continue in rib for another 19 (23/27) rounds.

Bind off all stitches in rib. Weave in the two yarn ends.

With crochet hook, work a chain of 70 stitches, secure the ends of the chain, thread them through the eyelet row, and tie into a bow


Anonym hat gesagt…

I think the co-operative English version looks pretty darn good, Tini!

Thank you for all your help with translation (I have learned so many new German terms), and thanks to Nicole for her inspiration. People who design things are awesome!

Elona (who does not have a blog, but spends so much time on the Net that she ought to)

Tany hat gesagt…

Tini, I thank you so much for your offer! Please email me (tany0471@sapo.pt) as soon as you can. Thanks, thanks, thanks!