Freitag, Januar 26, 2007

NY Challenge part II: The jacket


O.k. I found a great pattern for the jacket and I still have 4 weeks left :) yeah.
The pattern is another pattern from a 1998 burda wof
Oktober 1998 modell 125

I'm going to make a hopefully wearable muslin first and make the shawl collar before morphing it into a spikey edge and making it with an obi like belt :)

The fabric for the muslin is a stretchy eggplant coloured fabric that I got at a "final sale" of a fabric store for 1 Euro a Meter

Mid- Feb:

O.k. the muslin is try-on-able ;) and fits pretty well, so on to the silk

( the first of the SaS fabrics...)

The pic is made a lot lighter because of the dark dark darkness here :)

And the second sleeve is still not attached ( today 01.03.07)

The sewing of the actual jacket was uneventfull EXCEPT for easing in the sleeves....

And now that the jacket is done ( lined, sleeve heads and EVERYTHING ) the lining binds and the shoulders are way too wide.... You'll see it when I post a pic at the weekend.

So here it is :)

Not toooooo close to the Gwen Stefani jacket but I just did understand how to make a double layer facing

The obi belt is the quick and dirty ähm easy project from Threads issue 118 and it is easy and coool :)

Hope you like it.... leave a comment if you do :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

da kann man doch nur sagen: todschick!

Tany hat gesagt…

It's gorgeous!!!!

Annika hat gesagt…

Whoa! Very very very pretty! Love that collar!