Sonntag, Januar 14, 2007



I'm pretty busy ( as usual) at the moment.
We had Heikos aunts, uncles, cousins and Heikos parents and Granny over for brunch today and they stayed until 5 p.m so no great progress this weekend but during the week I was pretty busy.

First, if you haven't seen mad hatters great monkey socks go over and visit her! I finished my first monkey sock made from my self dyed yarn but after knitting the socks shank (if somebody knows the right English/American term, please let me know ) with no. 2.5 dpn's I thought they would be too tight so I switched to no. 3 and now the foot is too wide. I guess I'm going to rip them.

Here's a pic

and a close up

Somehow the yarn is nearly self striping... Don't know how I did that.

I need to remember to make these pics during daylight... I guess that will make taking nice pics easier. Mäddi any hints how to make good sock pics? now, that we got you hooked :) As well as Helfeelfe??

Not finishing my monkeys yet has another reason :)

My not twisty peppermint twist. Here comes a pretty boring pic :) but for me it is a lot of progress to knit that much in a weeks time!

And last not least I started working on my challenge project.
Things learned so far:
- Steaming your fingers is not a good idea
- I still hate welt pockets and need to practise them more. I think about hiring Ute (Louise) for a day long one-on-one class...
- I do not have enough lining here for my project and I need a very drapey one, so this

will be my lining. It's a fabric that I purchased at wazoodle some long time ago, but never used for anything, I mean the fabric is pretty loud, so...

Btw lining does not count as fabric (challengewise)

hope you had a great weekend :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

*love* the lining fabric!

i see you suffer the second-sock syndrome. things get worse when you have to ripple the first one, i can feel with you!
nice colors, anyways.

as i don´t make good pics with my very-cheap-no-extras-digicam, i can´t give any hints or tips. but daylight should work pretty well. being honest, i take most of my pics in the evening, too... well, when one has to work during daytime?!?

Kerstin hat gesagt…

I made some strange contortions to shoot the sock pictures.. fortunately my arms and legs are long enough. ;)

Cool socks.. I like the colour and the stripes.

I'm knitting three different socks at the moment but unfortunately I have to frog them half of the time... so no knew socks till now.

Mary Beth hat gesagt…

Tini: Do you think you will need more of this fabric??? It has a mate that lives in my stash

Summerset hat gesagt…

I love that fabric - for a lining! It's great! I always seem to pick muted or neutrals for the outsides of clothes, but my linings can be pretty wild!

Annika hat gesagt…

Fantastic monkey sock! I've had problems with socks "striping" like that because the yarn was dyed at intervals that coincide with the number of stitches per round; if you make socks a few stitches per round smaller or larger, the striping goes away.
Love the lining fabric too! You little flamboyance beneath a dark, somber exterior - it makes people wonder what you're up to if they catch a glimpse of the lining!

Annika hat gesagt…

I meant to say you NEED a little flamboyance...:)

Marietta hat gesagt…

take the striping as a happy accident -oh and the shank, or leg of the sock is the cuff :)
was sagt man auf deutsch?