Sonntag, Januar 28, 2007

see my sea monkey

My monkeys are done are beeing worn in this very second....
very very comfortable and not too big anymore

So here is my review:


Monkey by Cookie featured in the winter 06 issue of Knitty


8 inches diameter unstretched.
I wear a size 40 (German size) and they fit me pretty well because lace stretches.

Wool & needles

I used Söckli by buttinette ( a catalog order company)
75% Wool
25% Polyamid
50g/ 210 meter

I dyed the wool myself with Kool Aid hence the not matching stripes. Somehow I managed to wind the second skein the other way round. I like the colours nevertheless.

I knitted with size 2.5 ebony dpn. I tried to knit one foot with size 3 dpn but I discovered that they were too big after finishing, so I had to rip one sock.

I love wooden needles and the ebony needles are my favourites so far. Unfortunately I broke one and these needles are darn expensive.

Construction notes

The pattern was straight forward and pretty easy to follow. I could easily memorise the pattern so I did not have to carry the pattern with me, which is cool, because I'm knitting on the bus on my way to work.

The toe is finished with a kitchener stitch.

Thanks to Julimond I found this great page Knittingatnoon with features a nice video tutorial, so that even I could manage it!

Thanks Cookie for this very very cool pattern. I'm sure I'll knit it again in a plainer yarn, so that the pattern is better to see.

New project

My newest project will be knitted babyshoes like this for my godchild to be. I started this afternoon and this will be a quick project and one that takes up very little yarn, so perfect for using up remnants...


Mary hat gesagt…

Tini, those are so pretty. Your hand dyed yarn is beautiful

Tany hat gesagt…

Your monkeys look beautiful!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Tini, I am charmed by the cute baby booties! Do you think you could help me translate the instructions into English, if the author wouldn't mind?

I can read some German, but I know almost no German knitting terms! I'm guessing that "anschlagen" is to "cast on," and "aufnehmen" is "to pick up," but "rechts stricken" and "links stricken"? Maybe "on the right/wrong side"? And does "kurzen Maschenzahl" mean "short rows"?

Boy, I need a German knitting dictionary!


Tini hat gesagt…

Elona, I'll contact the author but
cast on is Anschlagen, Maschen = stitches, aufnehmen = pick up and rechts stricken is to knit and links stricken is to purl :)

rechts zusammen stricken is k2tog
links zusmmen stricken is p2tog

wenden means to turn :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Aha--that helps a lot! Now that I think about it, rechts stricken and links stricken do described the direction taken by the right needle when you're working.

Many thanks, tini!


madhatter hat gesagt…

huuuuuii... totschick! *hrrrch*
und - wie niedlich! babysocken! *quietsch*
orange... nicht übel. da findet man die kleinen racker wenigstens sofort. *g*