Dienstag, Februar 20, 2007

NY challenge: more teasers

I just finished ( o.k. nearly, I need to press and handstitch something) piece no. 2a and will start on no. 2b tomorrow.
Here's another teaser

for piece no. 2b.
ANd then there is the pocket ;) AND Charlottes oh so not matching fabric :) which will be part of piece no. 3.... I need to check my calendar if I have time this weekend.... EEEK


madhatter hat gesagt…

still. no thought about the challenge. *sigh*
maybe i shouldn´t do things that requires deadlines. i got issues with that.

but - i know what you do!
you´ll sew up an obi-wan-coat with hood and print it with little dragons. yeah. will rock! *gg*

Kerstin hat gesagt…

I quit.. I didn't get the slightest spark of inspiration. After looking at the pictures of the fashion shows, the only thing I've got was hunger... ( urgh, the girls look all starving and depressed).
I hoped the fabric would give me a push... unfortunately that didn't happen.
More luck next time....