Samstag, März 31, 2007

Elspeth: At least it works


I'm not sure how long but I knitted around 8 rows without ribbing. A new record!
I'm not sure how often I have already ripped that d*rn thing and just because I'm too stupid to count. My stitchmarkers ( I do own uhm 4 which madhatter send me a couple of weeks ago) don't fit the size 5 needles I'm working on, so I just made some yarn loops and now it is working much better.

my potatoe uhm potamotusdingenskirchen by cookie ( please cookie choose easier names like Monkey ;) ) are coming along well. I just drove bus on one day last week, so less progress than planned but still... I already turned the heel, made just 245454345 mistakes but they are coming along.

I bought thread for the corset yesterday, so there might be progress soon. I nearly fainted at the cashier...200m Seralon for 3.45 €. I did win some yarn ( uhm around 250 spools ) a couple of years ago and I don't have to buy yarn often. Problem is, I just have browns left and I need reds, greys and blues.... anybody in for a thread exchange? )


Summerset hat gesagt…

Pretty knitting. I make yarn markers, too! I have my mother's green and blue plastic ones, but don't use them too often as I'm afraid I'd loose them.

KayBee hat gesagt…

Uh.... that looks good so far! I really like the pattern.

madhatter hat gesagt…

note to self:
no sock-knitting markers but larger ones for sweaters!