Sonntag, März 04, 2007

NY Challenge: Finished objects

Hi honeys,

finally DH took some pics of me in my completed NY challenge project which was completed March 1st because I just could not get the buttons onto the blouse. I'll write a review about the blouse soon

and there he is, our little overweight kitten :) the other one is still to shy to go outside :)

The second pic shows the blouse and the embellishment with Charlottes fabric. I'm going to have to re-do it :) but it is on the blouse yet :)

Kerstin mentioned in my last post, that I did not show my fabric stash "boxes"... Pics are on their way...
click onto the pics to enlarge them :)


KayBee hat gesagt…

The outfit is really lovely, especially the belted jacket. It a a nice drapey look without being too bulky, really nice.
Well done, Tini!

madhatter hat gesagt…

yep, jacket is awesome, and i really like the "collar" of the blouse!

Tany hat gesagt…

Well done Tini!!

Summerset hat gesagt…

I really love the jacket - nicely done!

Annika hat gesagt…

I love the tiered collar on that jacket. You always come up with the most interesting and beautiful ideas!

Maria hat gesagt…

Hi honey

Love,love,love the jacket on you!!