Sonntag, März 18, 2007

NY NY and FO :)

O.k. I just updated the NY NY challenge entry, because Adam has posted his not yet finished project and also Charlotte has posted hers.

Here's the entry, please have a look at the entries and leave a comment :)

I decided, that Sookie gets a price, she was the only one to finish in time and to meet the rules. Sookie, you can either look for an Onion pattern at or I'll dye you some sock yarn in a colourway you like to have ( sorry, no black...) Please contact me via Email :)
AAAAND I do have a finished object to show. My peppermint twist top, without twists is done.

Pretty basic but please remember, this is the first sweater, that I knitted in 10 years, so please ignore the hobbely wobbely stitches, the really bad seaming and the unflattering neckband :)

Here's the original pattern ( from SnB no.1 )

and this is my version

Now that it is finished I can see, that the neckline is too high in front and thus I do get weird wrinkles but hey, I already frogged the whole sweater so that I'm not going to rip it out again :)

Hope you like it with faults or not. I'll wear it nevertheless :)
On the needles: Pomatomus :) that will take a little longer and I'll knit something for my secret pal but I won't be able to post anything here before the sp10 is over...

And now I'm up to sew more on my corsett and figure out what to make for little Rasmus ( Asa's son )


Tany hat gesagt…

That's a great top Tini! You look great in it! I went to see the NY challenge finished garments, I wish I could understand/write in German, they are all quite beautiful! Give the other participants congrats in my behalf please!

Annika hat gesagt…

I echo Tany's thoughts - a lovely sweater! Also I just found two Rowan knitting magazine/booklets yesterday and immediately thought of you so guess what? I'm going to send them to you! I think you'll like them. If not - give them away!

chopsewy hat gesagt…

tini, i'm so happy and proud to get a price! it was fun participating in the challenge and i didn't expect to win anything. thanks again!

i love that sweater you made, the colour suits you. looks like a perfect spring-sweater!

Summerset hat gesagt…

Your blue sweater defintely says "spring". It's the color of bird's eggs and spring skies, and looks great on you!

Abi hat gesagt…

Tini , great looking sweater, duck egg blue is one of my fave summer colours.

Joana Modinhas hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I think your sweater looks great! And Pomatomus is one of my favorite sock patterns - have fun!

--Your SP10

Maja hat gesagt…

Tini, you've made a lovely sweater The colour looks wonderful on you!