Donnerstag, März 29, 2007

Serious stash enhancement DONE :)

Hello everybody :),

Eva-Maria (without blog) and me went to Hamburg yesterday to visit the storage sale at the
Hamburger Wollfabrik.
First we went into the storage rooms. There where huge bins full of pre-wound yarn and you bought the cones by weight. Like Merino-cashmere-silk (different percentage content) for 1.5 - 3 Euro per 50g. Some of the colours where uhm different but there were a lot of different colours still and I was pretty tempted but there weren't any m/50gr indications and I still need that but the lady said, that it might be around 220m/50gr .
But since I had specific projects in mind I got not much there.
I did get a cone of a yarn that has 4 different single yarns spun together at the 80 Cent/50gr from the "unknown" content bins

The rest of my purchase I got at the regular store...
The store is fun. There are HUGE cones of single thread yarn and you get them wound together at your specifications.
So I dove into MERINO yarn for 1.5 Euro/50g I got 5 and 4 thread yarn.
Note, the yarn is not plied!

First project will be from this

Merino in dark teal.
This will hopefully be Tempting II soon, as soon as Elspeth does decide to behave and let me knit it without ribbing and ribbig AGAIN
See all the cool Tempting II at the net

Next are 4 different merino wools for  the stripey wavy line sweater from vintage knits
The link brings you to a cool guy who knit that awesome sweater for his girlfriend. My DH plays WOW.... *sigh*

 o.k. I got some sock yarn too, so there is the complete purchase

o.k. shall I knit now or shall I sew a bit? I think I'll just have dinner first :)


Kerstin hat gesagt…

Tztztz.... what shall become of you?
Knitting addict, fabric addict.... there are a few things you aren't addicted to... buttons? Applications?
I think, we need a new challenge... reduce your stash. Only things from the stash are allowed, nothing new... ;)

Summerset hat gesagt…

Really nice yarns. Looks like you have enough to keep you busy for a while! It's hard to decide, isn't it?

Abi hat gesagt…

Great selection of yarns.What you need now is a Strickmaschine eh?
Looking forward to the knits

Anonym hat gesagt…

WOW!! What an amazing buy! --Your SP10

Katrin hat gesagt…

Hallo Tini,

tolle Wolle hast Du ergattert. Ist der Fabrikverkauf in HH immer offen ?
Ich bin nämlich in der Woche nach Ostern wieder dort.
Hättest Du Lust, Dich mit mir zu treffen ?

Katrin 7

madhatter hat gesagt…

demnächst darfst du also nicht nur stoffberge, sondern auch noch wollberge abarbeiten!
da werden wir wohl mal die domina-elfe schicken müssen, damit du in die gänge kommst *sfg*

viel spaß mit den schönen garnen...

(btw: schließt du nachts deine haustür ab? Ô.Ô)

Tini hat gesagt…

@ Katrin7
die Wollfabrik ist immer auf, nur der Lagerverkauf halt nur eine Woche... Treffen: Gerne, wenn ich es arbeitstechnisch einrichten kann (fahre dann aber lieber mit dem Zug) und Tietz ist ja dann auch nicht fern :)
@Mäddi.... tsss... ich habe hier 2 Killerkatzen und bis Du hier oben ankommst ist die Nacht schon vorbei :) aber die Domina-Elfe die Ihre Leser knechtet, der verrückte Hutmacher und yt können ansonsten GERN mal vorbeikommen :) Ich teile auch... dunkel blaue ditte anyone??