Donnerstag, März 15, 2007

A short "hello" from the UK and congrats to Asa

DH and Nash are on the X-box at the moment so I take a short break at the Laptop.
Today is our last day here...*whine* but it was a great holiday.

We've been to London twice, I met Abi there
and she is sooooooooo nice. We had a great time. We went to Liberties where I got some yummy Rowan yarn and Abi GAVE ME SOME Rowan yarn....

O.k. here is my first purchase:

A back issue of one of the Rowan mags. I absolutely fell in love with some of the patterns and just had to have it. Abi was a sweet enabler here :) but I'm so happy, that I got it :)

Isn't the cover beautiful??

So, this is the pattern I went crazy about.

Not sure how I will look in a shrug but I will knit it next ( I'm in process of finishing my not twisty peppermint twist top ) and I had to get some wool for it too.

So here's my wool from Rowan bought at Libertys (Abi, can you please tell the nice lady, working at Liberties that I'm very sorry for calling her "Jools"? I did want to be rude, but sometimes my brain just switchs off... If she likes to have some hand dyed sock yarn, just let me know...)

It's Rowan Cotton-wool and sooo yummy. I'll be swatching soon :) hopefully, because I'm going to finish my sweater first ;)

And this is the wool Abi gave to me .

It's another Rowan yarn ( Rowanspun 4ply to be specific in a colourway called "midnight" ) So I'm looking for a pattern for that. Suggestions are welcome.

I got 200gr and thought about making something lacy like this

Geeesh, I sometimes feel so blessed, that I meet all these nice people from all over the world thru knitting, sewing and blogging. Thank you again Abi, for your generous gift. I'll knit something special out of it and I hope I'll be able to surprise you too some time.

DH also thinks it is great that my hobby brings us closer to so many other people, even if it is just by emailing or chatting or blogging. We fibre craft people are special I think in so many ways...

I've been knitting a lot in busses, trains and on the plane. So my Jaywalkers are finished. Anne likes them so they are an early birthday gift and I started on the Pomatomus socks from Knitty.

Cookie has a site with patterns up :) I'm pretty tempted :)

So, I'll close here but will update on saturday with pictures...

Updated on saturday, 17th of March :)

o.k. now I have to appologize again.

Asa got a baby in feburary and I was up to sew something for her little boy and I was going to make something for little Rasmus and decided to make a pair of trousers for him, mail it to Asa together with a congratulation card but somehow it came out ugly ugly ugly and I think I made the front pockets 10 times but it always came out blah... The pattern for the front pocket was just weird. So I tossed it and will make up something more nice soon. So sorrry Asa for not sending you congrats earlier. I'm really happy for you and Patrick that your little son is with you now!!!! All good wishes to you three...

Here's one part that is now in the litter box...


madhatter hat gesagt…

got the pocket done at last, right? ;)

lovely knitting mag! the model on the cover looks awesome, hope you will knit it and show us!

Åsa hat gesagt…

Oh, thank you Tini! I'm honored that you want to make something for Rasmus, and how much work you seem to have put into it! Absolutely no need to apologize...

Hugs from cold, windy and rainy Sweden!