Sonntag, März 04, 2007

Stashes: more embarresment :)

o.k. time to confess...
I'm a hoarder and stasher :)
You've seen my little yarn stash and I'll show you my quilting fabric soon but now coming to THE stash in our house ( which needs to stay in this room, I promised Heiko )

As you might remember I purchased 86 meter of fabric in one shopping trip last year, so since then I'm kind of trying to de-stash and beeing on a fabric diet. I already used some of the fabric I got then but here are the fabrics...

  can you seen a pattern here? grey? stripes? blues?

o.k. I have confess that I also have some rayon-silk velvet but did not take a pic of it :)


I know that I should work on my corset but I have discovered, that I would need some more steel and just don't feel like working on it as well as working on the other jacket.... so no ufo-working here but cutting something for the so cute baby of a sewing friend.... FROM StASH

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Kerstin hat gesagt…

Darling.. is that all you can show us? That's cute! *ggg*