Samstag, März 03, 2007

very great and very bad things

Happy weekend everbody,

after spending half of the morning shopping for Heikos upcoming birthday party and spending half of the rest of the day clearing our garden from unwanted plants ( the guy who owned the house didn't spend any attention to the garden, so we have to start from scratch... very bad thing :) ) I went to get all the parcels at the post office ( incl. Heikos birthday gift ) and there was an envelope for me from Madhatter :) yeah...
She was sending back some stuff I had borrowed her and did send
( and now the very great things are to come....)
these gorgeous stitch markers ( the four from right to left)

IF you click on the pics, they will enlarge

I simply love the little one saying "knit"

but the others are cool too

and now to the very bad things... the state of my sewing room. I need to clean!
And to stick to that I'll post pics today and will show "after" pics next weekend ( on friday, we are leaving for a week in London next saturday)

jupp it is embarrasing

really embarrassing
and so uncomfortable

o.k. I will clan a lot tomorrow :) and will start with my desk

I'm listening to knitting casts so that will help me spending time here :)


madhatter hat gesagt…

clean? why clean? i still can see the floor... *g*
thanks for sharing those pictures - now i know i´m not the only one with a slightly messy sewing room!

glad you like the stitch markers :)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Mhm.. this sewing room reminds me of something. YES! MY sewing room! Only the boxes full of unused fabric are missing....

iris-julimond hat gesagt…

oh oh, das sieht ja genauso chaotisch aus, wie bei mir, nur hast du mehr platz....
viel spaß beim wuseln.

Tany hat gesagt…

:) I agree with Madhatter (btw, those stitch markers are to die for!), you should see my sewing area (aka dinning room)!

Nash hat gesagt…

Hm - trip to London - we are looking forward to your visit, ... just don't leave our guestroom looking like that ;-)

Tini hat gesagt…

Frank, dadurch das mein Zimmer so aussieht, ist das restliche Haus ordentlicher :) und es sieht nicht immer so aus, nur meistens ;)

anea hat gesagt…

Those stichmarkers are pretty cool!

And I also love the sewing room. Mine looks a lot cleaner - but only because I do not sew at the moment. I am on a knitting trip and knitting is best done in front of the TV set.

Marietta hat gesagt…

i also agree with the madhatter - if you can see the floor why clean?

cmarie12 hat gesagt…

Hey that area just shows the workings of a very creative mind! And as someone has already said, you can see the floor so it's all good! :)